The EuroCave Compact Size, Colour and Temperature Options


The Compact range of cabinets is available in two sizes:

Small (059) - max capacity 40* bottles
Large (259) - max capacity 155* bottles.
*Bottle capacities are based on standard Bordeaux shaped bottles.

The steel bar handle protrudes 38mm.

Compact Model Height Depth with a solid door Depth with a glass door Width
059 833 817 555 549 594
259 1793 1777 572 566 594
all measurements in mm



single temperature

1 Temperature for wine storage

Irrespective of the outside temperature, they guarantee a constant temperature of between 10ºC and 14ºC.

graduated temperature

Graduated temperature for service

Cooler at the bottom and warmer at the top, to have red and white wine at drinking temperature.

Integration / Ventilation requirements:

059: front vented and does not require any extra space at the back for ventilation, but the front plinth must not be obstructed. This unit is not silent. Integrated cabinets must be able to be easily removed from its surrounding in case of servicing issues.

259: An extra 50/100 mm (minimum) at the back and above the unit for ventilation must be allowed. A 10mm tolerance on the hinge side must also be given. A flow of fresh air must be given free access to the rear of the unit so not to allow heat to build up at the rear. The rear of the unit(s) must be accessible for servicing.

Colour Options

The standard colour finish for the Compact range is Black.