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Wine Storage and Wine Service from EuroCave UK

Wine stored properly tastes better. Whether you buy a bottle a week from the supermarket or several cases a month from a fine wine merchant, wine should be stored in the right conditions as it is so easy to damage the complex flavours that your money has bought.

Never store wine on a wine rack in the kitchen, or somewhere very warm or very cold for an extended period. The wine will be exposed to the main enemies of wine.

  • UV light
  • Daily fluctuating temperatures can damage wine in weeks or months.
  • Extremes of temperature
  • Dry air
  • Vibration (during longer term storage)

ALL wine that is to be kept for months or years will mature properly when stored in a single temperature cellar environment around 12°C - 13°C. Temperatures below 10 °C preserve wine stopping it from maturing and very cold temperatures may cold stabilise wine thus reducing flavour. Temperatures above 15 degrees C mature the wine too quickly and change the flavour profile. Above 25 °C the wine will start to break down and become undrinkable. Fluctuating temperatures degrade the wine over time, gently destroying it.

Humidity should be maintained above 50% and in the UK we are lucky enough to have sufficiently humid air. Humidity decreases with temperature as there is less space between the air molecules to hold the water molecules. Humidity is also removed by fridges, air conditioners and artificially heated environments. Humidity is needed to keep corks hydrated maintaining the seal. Wines sealed under cork should be stored lying flat to keep the cork moist.

A EuroCave cellar cabinet recreates all the factors needed for perfect wine storage.

Models starting with a V or D are wine cellar cabinets. Models starting with an E or S are multi temperature service cabinets not suitable for longer term storage or a garage..

Jamie Goode is one of the UK's leading wine writers and a judge for many wine competitions. Using his science background Jamie has written a piece about wine storage temperatures and their effects on wine. Read it here

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