EuroCave Shelves

A Revolutionary Shelf

The wood used on all Eurocave shelves is European Beech on classic rolling shelves (ACMS) or solid Oak on the soft close drawers (ACMS2) supplied from sustainable and renewable sources.

There are 2 types of rolling shelf. The classic ACMS rolling shelf and the soft close ACMS2.

The Premiere and PURE ranges are supplied with the ACMS shelves as standard.

ACMS2 is supplied as standard with the Revelation range.

ACMS2 is available to special-order within the PURE range.

Eurocave's rolling shelves are unique. Each one is made up of 12 individual bottle supports; called Main du Sommelier - 'MDS' (Hand of the Sommelier) bottle supports. Each MDS can be adjusted along the width of the shelf thus better accommodating the growing number of differing 750ml wine bottle shapes and sizes. The ACMS Eurocave sliding shelf is the only product on the market today that adapts to different bottle shapes and sizes. The shelf improves bottle stability and air circulation within the cabinet, helping to maintain humidity and uniformity of temperature.

Capacities: Many manufacturers including Eurocave state bottle capacities for their cabinets. Capacities are usually stated as maximum and generally calculated on the traditional Bordeaux shaped bottle. In most cases, wine buyers owning wine from around the world, fit 12 or even 11 bottles per sliding shelf. EuroCave believes that calculating capacity based on traditional Bordeaux bottles (that really no longer exist) is misleading due to the many differing bottle shapes on the market today. Now, when Eurocave says you can get 12 bottles on a shelf, you really can get 12 of most designs of 750ml bottles on a shelf* thanks to the adjustable nature of the MDS. The capacities stated on the website and in the literature are now more accurate, with the actual number of bottles you can store remaining almost the same as in older models. Don't be fooled by misleading capacity claims elsewhere. EuroCave offers the largest capacity of any model of equal size and in many instances larger external cabinet dimensions.

These shelves apply to the Revelation, PURE and Premiere ranges.

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*Unfortunately we cannot give this as a guarantee in all cases, because there are many significantly oversized 750ml wine and Champagne bottles. An ACMS takes 11 x standard 89mm base diameter bottles.


Soft Close Drawer (ACMS2)
Up to 12 Bottles - £142.00

(12 x 'MDS2' bottle supports)


Soft Close Drawer (ACMS2)
Up to 12 Bottles - £142.00

(12 x 'MDS2' bottle supports)


Universal Rolling Shelf (ACMS)
Up to 12 Bottles - £68.00

(12 x 'MDS' bottle supports)

[Image] AXU Universal Storage Shelf

Universal Storage Shelf (AXUH)
Up to 48 Bottles - £49.00
Must be same bottle shape

[Image] AOPRESAR Presentation Shelf

Presentation Shelf (AOPRESAR) - £129.00

(to be added onto an ACMSC)