Discover our wine cabinets and wine by the glass ranges

Wine Cabinets

For over 40 years, our engineering and design department has been devising and designing products at the cutting edge of technology and design.

EuroCave wine cabinets have obtained the "Origine France Garantie" label, which guarantees that our products benefit from French expertise and are made in France. It also guarantees the quality and reliability of our products. Discover all our wine cabinet ranges.


Eurocave Classics

The Première Range

[Image] Première Range
  • A range which is easy to use and meets the criteria essential for maturing wine
  • Digital control panel, ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Sliding shelves fitted with main du Sommelier bottle supports

The Pure Range

[Image] The Pure Range
  • A comprehensive range designed for many uses
  • Elegant finishes
  • Gentle lighting


The Revelation Range

[Image] The Revelation Range
  • A creative range which you clad with your choice of textured coloured panels
  • Serving, multi-functional and maturing cabinets
  • The elegance of wood and modernity of colour

Built-in and flush-fitting cabinets

The Inspiration Range

[Image] The Inspiration Range
  • A flush-fitting range with a timeless design, ideal for kitchens and living rooms
  • Can be flush-fitted or built-in
  • Design has clean lines
  • 5 year guarantee

The Compact Range

[Image] Compact Range
  • Wine cabinets for small spaces
  • Flush-fitting or free standing
  • Meets the requirements of kitchen designers
  • For wine serving and maturing

Cabinets that showcase your wines

The Royale Range

[Image] The Royale Range
  • The best wine cabinet in the world
  • Wine maturing cabinet with unrivalled performance
  • Automatic temperature and humidity control (patented system)
  • Attractive


[Image] ShowCave
  • ShowCave is unique
  • This exceptional range displays and promotes your wine bottles
  • For your best bottles
  • Allows a customised layout

Wine by the glass service

The serving temperature of wine is a key element for drinking and enjoying it in the best conditions. EuroCave offers 2 innovative solutions for serving & tasting wine, allowing you to bring your wine to the correct temperature and store open bottles to preserve them once opened, ensuring that you Take full advantage of all the unique qualities of your wine!

Wine Art

[Image] Wine Art
  • Clever and practical
  • Preserve open bottles
  • Brings wine to the ideal serving temperature

The Tete a Tete Wine Cabinet

[Image] Tete a Tete Wine Cabinet
  • Small wine serving cabinet which also preserves 2 open bottles
  • Vacuum sealing system
  • Unrivalled design