About Artevino Wine Cabinets

The Artevino Beech Wood AOHUI Shelf

Artevino is a good quality, economical alternative to the EuroCave branded wine cabinets. Artevino is a distinct entry level brand manufactured by Eurocave but using different materials.  To read more about the features of a EuroCave, click here

Only the newest Oxygen Range is imported into the UK.

  • Ideal wine storage environment
  • Aluminium walls (unlike other cabinets on the market that are completely lined with plastic)
  • Naturally ventilated (no charcoal filter)
  • Large capacity for size of unit
  • Beech wood shelf (can slide, not roll or be fixed)
  • Fixed bottle positions
  • Removable metal runners in side wall for ‘sliding (not rolling) shelf’
  • Heats as well as cools, suitable for garage.
  • High quality.

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