Appliances in apartment - Small wine fridge built into a contemporary kitchen with central island, to have your wine always at hand.





Flush-fitting wine cabinets





Enhancing living areas from the kitchen to the living room, a sense of elegance.

Able to be flush fitted, enclosed or built-in, wine cabinets can meet any layout and space constraint requirements, in perfect harmony with your interior.

Double wine cooler integrated in fitted kitchen wall unit - technical glass door with adaptation of unit fronts.
Small glazed service wine cooler, amber lighting, set in a central island of a fitted kitchen in wood and gray colours.


Our flush-fitting wine cabinets have standard dimensions allowing them to be fitted in your kitchen. They can be built-in under a work top or in a column next to a refrigerator. They save space, but it is really in terms of aesthetics that they are appealing, since they can be displayed or be completely concealed behind a door that matches the other elements in the kitchen, for a minimalist design.  

In this way, they enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen in an understated way in order to make it an area completely dedicated to conviviality.

Large wine cooler built into a wooden ambiance design living room furniture - interior designer.

Living room.

Flush-fitting wine cabinets are equally at home in your living room. A location that makes perfect sense if you like wine.

Our reversible doors allow you to install your cabinet wherever you want and also install several cabinets side by side for a spectacular effect.

2-temperature wine cooler integrated into a custom cabinet in an open kitchen - for convivial moments

3D Planner©

3D planning with realistic rendering.

Trust us to accurately model your project, allowing you to create it with complete confidence.

Our flush-fitting cabinets.


Wine cabinets in the Compact collection are fitted with glass doors to display your bottles or with a door in the same colour as your kitchen.

1 or multi-temperature

2 sizes


Clean lines, ergonomic curves, the Inspiration collection was designed to provide unprecedented ease of use. Technical elements are concealed, air vents are invisible, handles are built into the door, the handle grip is subtle.

1 or 2-temperature, multi-temperature

3 sizes


For information.

Our ""free-standing"" cabinets can also be flush fitted but there are certain rules that need to be followed, notably in terms of air circulation and electrical installation. We recommend that you contact your store and our wine experts for further details.

The sweet pleasure of enjoying a food-wine pairing for 2.

Discover our flush-fitting wine bar Tête à Tête, which preserves open bottles.

Prolong the experience

Discover the profiles of creative and influential personalities explaining their relationship with wine, the secrets of sommeliers or legendary establishments.

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