The pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine at the right tasting temperature.





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Wine serving cabinet: the emphasis is on spending time together, the perfect time for a glass of wine.

There are several types of wine cabinets for storing and serving wine, so that each wine can be served at its ideal temperature. it's the art of entertaining... French-style.

Do you drink your wine regularly and want to always have a good bottle ready for serving? 

Let us help you choose the cabinet made for you.


A wine cabinet for serving white wine is cooler than a wine cabinet designed for red wine. This is why the 2-temperature wine cabinet is divided into 2 separate compartments, each dedicated to its wine colour.

Before serving, red wines can be maintained at a temperature of 15-18°C / 59-65°F, and can even go up to 20°C / 68°F for developed wines. For white wines, rosés or champagne, the temperature can be a bit cooler (5-13°C / 41-56°F).

This storage temperature allows wine to reveal its flavours when served.


The most multipurpose wine cabinet with its 3 independent storage zones:

- Bring red wines to room temperature in the upper section (15-22°C / 59-72°F)
- Store all types of wine in the central section (9-15°C / 48-59°C)  
- Chill rosés, whites and champagnes in the lower section*

This wine cabinet allows you to have several storage modes and in this way meets many requirements.


*The temperature of the bottom of the cabinet is determined by the temperature set in the central zone. The temperature gradient between these zones is  4 to 6°C / 8 to 11°F.


"Multi-temperature" or staggered temperature.

Have your wines as close as possible to their serving temperature.

The staggered temperature allows you to separate a Bordeaux, served at 17°C / 63°F and stored at the top of the cabinet, from a red Burgundy, served at 16°C / 61°F and stored just below, or a Pinot gris from Alsace, served at 11°C / 52°F and stored more towards the bottom of the cabinet.



EuroCave wine cabinets, designer and elegant wine fridges with neat details and a wide choice of doors, storage and finishes.

The signature detail.

Elegant transparency and amber lighting for beautifully displayed bottles.

A large choice of finishes and shelves allows you to create an elegant setting for your collection.

Each type of wine must be served at a specific temperature to reveal all of its flavours.  

Remember to find out from your wine merchant or wine producer the ideal tasting temperature. N.B., once in your glass, your wine can rise by +1°C / +2°F.

Our multipurpose and serving cabinets.

La Première

Easy storage and service.



Store, cool and bring your wine to room temperature - all this is possible.  

Configure the cabinet to best suit your requirements.



The exceptional wine cabinet that cares for your finest wines.


Want to integrate your serving wine fridge in your kitchen?

How to store your wine for years?

The sweet pleasure of enjoying a food-wine pairing for 2.

Our wine bar Tête à Tête brings your wines at ideal temperature and preserves open bottles.

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