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An exceptional wine cabinet to spark new emotions.

Royale passionately embodies the brand's core value of excellence. This exceptional wine cabinet was designed to offer you the very best in terms of design and performance.




Large only


Up to 124 bottles
All bottle sizes

Country of production

Origine France Garantie Label

A spectacular design.

Spectacular and very desirable, this cabinet has a lot of charisma. Royale single-handedly redefines the contours of a room.

Each copy is numbered, which makes this wine cabinet a unique and exclusive object of prestige. - Royale EuroCave

A piece of art.

Royale is the result of unique collaboration between artisans, engineers and designers.

Every Royale model is numbered in the French brand's factory.

Vintages beautifully displayed.

Bottle labels subtly displayed by amber lighting fitted on all the shelves, with an ash wood front to highlight your fine wines.

Individual protection of your bottles and an exceptional ease of use with Main du Sommelier bottle supports.

Personalize your Royale wine cabinet with the “Châtaigner” trim.


Personalize your Royale wine cabinet with the “Mineral grey” trim.

Mineral grey

Personalize your Royale wine cabinet with the “Marbre Palazio” trim.

Marbre Palazio

Personalize your Royale wine cabinet with the “Noir touch” trim.

Noir touch

Personalize your Royale wine cabinet with the “Chêne Alaska” trim.

Chêne Alaska

Personalize your Royale wine cabinet with the “Red earth” trim.

Red earth

Audacious customization.

With a mineral, wood or custom-made finish, customization of Royale is bold and unlimited, for a unique object.

The best aging wine cabinet in the world installed in an apartment with character, modern plateau, with elegant designer furniture. - Royale EuroCave
The best aging wine cellar in the world is an exceptional product due to its performance, the quality of the materials used and its luxury design. - Royale EuroCave

Royale offers you the best.

Cutting-edge solutions for optimised performance: full glass door with 99% U.V. screening, a patented woven filter for controlled air quality and external vibration absorbed by the actual structure of the cabinet body and a variable speed compressor.

The result? Optimal wine protection, an extremely low noise level 34 db(A) and reduced energy consumption (Class E).

The Royale wine cabinet installed in the exceptional living room of a luxury villa by the sea with an exceptional panorama. - EuroCave

Royale offers the luxury of choice.

We thought it was important to offer you a choice, starting with the use you make of your wine cabinet.Adapt the storage features of your Royale to your requirements thanks to 2 modes.

Maturing mode

Bringing your wine to their prime.

A wine cabinet which is 100% independent for perfectly maturing your Romanée Conti, Clos Vougeot, Hermitage, Château Margaux and other fine wines.

- The temperature is pre-set at 12°C / 54°F,
- Humidity is controlled at 70% (Hygrocontrol patented system).

Serving mode

Caring for your fine wine.

The serving mode stores your red, white or champagne wines at one ideal tasting temperature. 

The humidity regulation and control system is then no longer active to allow you to set the temperature yourself between 6 and 18°C / 43 and 65°F, while maintaining the cellar's exceptional performance.  

Royale aging wine cabinet installed in a musician’s living room; in the background a grand piano and paintings. – EuroCave


Let technology do the work for you.

For your peace of mind, the display of the actual temperature and humidity inside your cabinet, together with visual and audible alarms, are there to warn you if something is not right. And a 10-year warranty! 

controlled temperatureHygrocontrol patented systemUV-screened door 99%patented charcoal filtersensor fault alarmtemperature alarmopen door alarmcharcoal filter alarmhumidity level alarm34dB noise emissionwintering functionlock10-year warrantyindividual bottle support  


Additional information.

Our "free-standing" cabinets can also be flush fitted but there are certain rules that need to be followed, notably in terms of air circulation and electrical installation. We recommend that you contact your store and our wine experts for further details.

Four wine cabinets built into a custom-made piece of furniture in a residence with prestigious interior architecture. In the foreground a long marble table. - Royale EuroCave

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