Sliding wine racks for storing wine crates - design furniture for interior decoration of wine cellars.

Cave Monceau, Paris, France












Wine case storage for organising your natural wine cellar.

The Modulorack system is made up of sliding shelves in wood and steel to store your wines in their original cases.    




Wood and steel


24 bottles per module


Up to 1.15m in height (3 modules)

Depth 50cm

The advantages


Dream wine cellars - Wine wall created with modular and assembled wine racks to design the perfect wine cellar.

Château Teyssier St Emilion

Photo Denis Lacharme - Design by Touton Architectes







Display your fine wines in their cases.








Sturdy wooden and steel sliding racks to store 2 cases of wine 12 bottles.


Easy access to bottles.

Modulorack allows you to create an effective wine storage area which is both practical and attractive. The modules fasten to each other and can be added to as you acquire new wines.

The basic module is designed to store two 12-bottle cases* but can be added to vertically by 2 extra modules. 

No restrictions in length! 


*Shelf dimensions LxW = 35x50 cm

Modular wine storage - sliding racks that can be assembled to store wine wood box in a cellar over time to age the wine.

Cave Monceau, Paris, France


Easy access to bottles.

Based on the sliding shelf principle used in wine cabinets, Modulorack is fitted with a sliding shelf system for storing wine cases. 

In this way, it simplifies access to bottles and serving. 

Wine cellar storage - Wine rack modules to be assembled to store 2 cases of wine. Designer furniture.

Isrotel, Israël

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Air-conditioned wine areas

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