The name Modulothèque comes from the numerous modules to be assembled and the idea of classifying a collection like in a library or a wine library. Bottle storage unit and wine display

The Till House, London, United Kingdom

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Oak wine racks to stock your wines with authenticity. 

The Modulothèque storage system in solid oak offers endless layout possibilities and adapts to the constraints of the room.


Solid oak wood 




Different module types



Design of a dream wine cellar combining the tradition and authenticity of French-made solid wood carpenter furniture and the modern design of the air-conditioned room.

Hotel & Spa Les Barmes de l’Ours, Val d’Isère, France

Tailor-made layout

A choice of 15 modules!

Create your own storage and vary the height and width, thanks to all modules available, regardless of the constraints of the room (low ceiling, corner of a room, vaulted ceiling...)

The modules, which are easily combined, can be disassembled if you want to transport them or change the configuration of your Modulothèque.

Set up a custom wine cellar like a dressing room with this modular and assembleable furniture that optimizes space, creates a warm atmosphere and gives character to your home.

Unlimited storage capacity.

Modulothèque is adaptable wine rack and can be added to as your wine collection grows. 

Bottle rack with sliding shelves to classify your individual wine collection with visible labels.
Articulated display mounted on a sliding shelf to clearly see your bottles and showcase them.
Cross module - Locker with sturdy fixed shelf in solid oak wood to store a large quantity of wines stacked safely.

A wide variety of storage.

Combine sliding shelves, cross storage, racks…depending of your needs.

Rack module - Sliding wine rack to store 2 cases of wine and thus keep your wine bottles protected in their original case.
Bar furniture to share a glass of wine with your wine-loving friends in your tasting area.
Many optional accessories to add to your wine storage unit: shelves, bottle display, glass storage, etc.

A tasting invitation.

Create a friendly room tasting with suitable furniture: bar shelf, pivoting bottle rack...

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An invitation to share fine wines and discover new flavours.

Wine cellar furniture with diagonal or sliding storage modules, in solid oak wood which brings character and authenticity to your room. Find inspiration with our creations.

Air-conditioned wine areas

Renewing the air, stabilising the room temperature and humidity levels, cellar conditioners play a vital role.

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