Pourquoi acheter une cave à vin de la marque EuroCave. Fabriqué en France. Durable. Référence mondiale. Savoir-faire.





Why choose a EuroCave wine cabinet?





EuroCave is a guarantee of quality, durability and French manufacturing but is firstly the promise of an experience.

EuroCave une marque Française de caves à vin d'exception.

An iconic brand.

Creator of the wine cabinet in 1976
EuroCave's history results from the desire to take care of wine, in order to guarantee optimal wine tasting conditions.

A global gold standard
Recognized by the great sommeliers and the most prestigious hotels and restaurants.

Made in France
Our wine cabinets are designed and manufactured in France. 

An exceptional know-how
EuroCave was awarded Living Heritage Company and benefits its own internal engineering department.

Guaranteed services.

- A EuroCave showroom in central London,
- All our products are guaranteed for 2-10 years,
- An in-house customer service department run by EuroCave professionals,
- A carefully-selected transportation network,
- Installation and fitting included for most of our products.

Personalised support for your tailor-made wine cellar conversion projects.

Feasibility study, thermal study, 3D modelling.

Armoires à vin électriques en pose libre ou caves à vin encastrables avec un choix important de fonctionnalités, de portes, de tailles et de capacité bouteilles. Trouvez la cave à vin qui correspond à vos besoins.

Your wine cabinet is unique.

Our built-in or freestanding wine fridges, enhance living areas from the kitchen to the living room, in perfect harmony wih your interior.

A large choice of finishes and shelves allows you to create an elegant setting for your collection, whatever types of bottles you want store.

Exceptional know-how.

After the work of wine-growers, the vinification and the bottling, EuroCave is the last link of the wine-making chain.

Owing to its know-how and expertise, EuroCave offers the best solutions for yourwine by observing the 6 criteria essential for wine storage.

Our products in situ.

Discover how our wine cabinets come to life.

An invitation to share fine wines and discover new flavours.

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