Find out everything about the new energy label


The European energy label first came into effect in 1992 with gradual updates, resulting in a scale from A+++ to G. The aim of the label is to provide information about how much energy your appliances use and make it easy to compare products.

The many technological advances that have occurred over the past few years quickly made this scale obsolete. The different A+, A++ and A+++ classes and the lower classes, which now apply to hardly any products, make it difficult to get your bearings.

The European Commission therefore created a new format for “energy labels”. The aim of these new labels is to:

  • Improve clarity
  • Provide consumers with more information

Make the new energy classes stricter

Everyone will be able to see them in stores, both physical and online, from 1 March 2021.

energy label on a cabinet


As a wine cabinet manufacturer, we are obliged to display an energy label on our products. The information on the label is provided on a self-declaration basis.

EuroCave, French manufacturer and wine storage expert for over 50 years, guarantees the truthfulness of the information provided on the energy label. Our in-house laboratory scrupulously observes measurement standards in order to provide an accurate, reliable declaration.

We are fully aware that the energy label is an important tool which helps customers to choose the right product.

When you buy a EuroCave product, you are entering into a long-term relationship and going forward together.
So, it is worth taking a few minutes to make the right choice. 

Why have you received two energy labels with your wine cabinet?

From 1 November 2020, all our appliances eligible for new European energy consumption regulations will have two labels.  One states the current classifications, A+++ to G, and the other displays an energy efficiency rating from A to G, which will come into effect in March 2021. We wanted to use this transition period to help you to familiarize yourself with this new development.

Why is my wine cabinet’s energy class not the same as that shown in the store or on the website?

For the same product, you may have noticed a difference in class between the new label and the label consulted in the store, on our website or your stockist’s website.  This is a result of the new test methods used for allocating energy classes, set up as part of new European regulations.
Rest assured, you have made the right choice, your wine cabinet is still as effective.


  • A scale from A to G. Classes A+, A++ and A+++ no longer apply.
  • There is a QR code on the label. It gives you access, from your smartphone, to all your product’s specifications.  This information is contained on a single European database, called EPREL (European product database for energy labelling)
The new energy labels comparison


The wine sector has and always will be committed to sustainability in order to protect resources and in this way the flavour of grapes and wine.  As a player in this sector, EuroCave’s responsibility starts from the product design phase:

  • Shelves are made of wood from plantations certified by the SGS Audit Program.
  • Advanced electronics, high-density insulant and high-performance compressors reduce superfluous power consumption.
  • An eco-friendly product design which allows easy maintenance and recycling of equipment and components.