Keeping Your Cabinet Clean

Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger

We recommend you keep the condenser (heat exchanger) clean on the back of Classic and *56 model Compact units and the lower grill on the front of the *59 range. Doing so will minimise your electricity bill, noise and reduce potential service calls. The cleaner the condenser combined with good air flow around the cabinet, the less your wine cabinet needs to operate.

Cleaning the condenser on the back of the classic and older *56 models just requires brushing down the condenser using any type of duster to remove dust on the grid.

Cleaning the condenser on the front of the *59 range wine cabinet requires the removal of the two screws (using the alan key supplied with the unit) that hold the front grill in place, then simply brush/vacuum off any accumulated dust off the mesh covering the condenser.
Compact Plinth
Front grill

Cleaning of the condenser should be done when required, dependent on conditions and location of your wine cabinet.

The cabinet should be disconnected from the mains power supply before cleaning.