Excessive Condensation/Water

EuroCave cabinets collect moisture from the air we breathe.
The walls of your unit are designed to be damp.
Water from the air condenses onto cold surfaces.
If you are experiencing excessive condensation, please check the following:

  1. Is the ambient humidity of the room in which the unit is located high, such as in a kitchen?
  2. Press the + button if you have it, to determine your humidity level. (only works when set between 10-14).
  3. Is the cabinet physically level?
  4. Is the temperature set below 12 degrees? Please set to 13 for longer term wine storage.
  5. Is the drainage channel (a groove in the base to channel water) clear? (not applicable to V292/5290)
  6. Is the unit located in a recently plastered area?
  7. If the unit is new, have you checked your charcoal filter is in place. If the unit is more than 1 year old have you changed the charcoal filter? (Changing your charcoal filter)
  8. Have you checked that the magnetic door seal's integrity is intact all the way round the door? Gaps will allow excess air into the cabinet
  9. Ensure there is no packaging at all in the unit. No tissue paper, no cardboard packaging or wooden boxes. These retain water.
  10. In a professional environment, if you are restocking the unit and need the door to be open for an extended period, switch off the unit.  Then stock/load the unit and switch back on.
  11. If the unit is not in a particularly dry environment, please pull out the extended drainage straw (thin black pipe) from the drainage channel.

The more often you open the door, the more you are introducing humid air into the cabinet. The colder the cabinet is set, the more it will condensate out the humidity.

Please dry your cabinet with a towel then ensure the cabinet is level, check the drainage channel is clear and set the storage area of your unit above 12. The ideal setting for a D model cabinet is 8 and 12.

[image] drainage channel