Humidity Icon/Alarms in D283/D183

Wine storage requires a minimum of 50% humidity to preserve cork integrity during months or years of storage. Should you be experiencing humidity alarms in your D*83 (2 temp) cabinet please ensure the following:

  1. To resolve the problem, please ensure the temperature settings are 8 in the chiller and 12 in the main body. After which they should be no more than 4 degrees apart. 7&11 etc.
  2. If you have a the humidity cylinder (Hygro++) locate it on a shelf in the upper third of the cabinet. If you are experiencing problems and do not have Hygro++, please contact us by telephone or email. Hygro++ was only supplied with units during 2007-2008.
  3. Please ensure the bottles are evenly distributed throughout the cabinet, top to bottom. Please ensure the bottles stacked on the roof of the chiller unit do not touch the back wall above the chiller box. You may need to layout your shelves differently to achieve this.
  4. Check the door seal and drainage as per our information HERE.

Hygro++ in situ on a sliding shelf.

Hygro++ in situ on a sliding shelf