'Intermittent Flashing LED Lights

LightsUnits from 2005 - 2008. There is a visual warning built into the cabinet to warn of fluctuating current which operates only when the lights are set to "lights ON only when door is open". If the unit is sharing a spur or on a circuit with other appliances those appliances can drain power for a moment making the cabinet think that there may be a power cut. The lights will blink.

If you would like to alter this - change the setting to "lights OFF all the time" or "lights ON all the time". Leaving the lights on all the time is the most aesthetically pleasing. The lights are UV free and cold so it is fine to leave them on all the time. Light settings can be accessed by holding down the ( - ) button until ECL is displayed. Press the ( + ) button to change the setting

Pre-March 2010. If your display shows the characters U1E, this has nothing to do with the above fluctuating current warning. It is because a diode has been damaged inside the control panel. This can happen as a result of a power surge following a power cut or as a result of a EuroCave product sharing a socket or extension cable with another appliance or if the unit was not switched off from the control panel first. If you have electricians working on your home, ensure the EuroCave is switched off in advance of their work.

The control panel will need to be replaced. Please send us your details here explaining that your display shows U1E.