What is the Difference Between a Premiere and a PURE cabinet

All units are built to the same standards using the same materials, including digital electronic illuminated temperature displays. All single temperature (V) models are suitable for the garage with a non-clear glass door. All units will carefully look after your wine, in just the same way. The differences between the ranges are interactive features and design that benefit the cabinet owner, rather than the wine.

Compact*59/PURE or Revelation models are fully featured. The Premiere range is minimally featured .

  1. The solid door on a Premiere unit is black laminate. PURE or Revelation models feature a solid black glass door with a flat glass aluminium plate handle.
  2. The black framed clear glass door is the only available glass door on the Premiere range. The PURE or Revelation range comprises a choice of four types of clear glass door, including the most popular frameless clear glass door.
  3. Revelation features 360° top to bottom internal LED lighting. PURE features UV-free, top down, LED internal lighting. Premiere has a removable light stick.
  4. Revelation comes as standard with the latest and newest soft close drawers. PURE comes as standard with the classic rolling shelves, having the soft close drawers as an alternative option at additional cost.
  5. PURE or Revelation features a hygrometer built into the display showing % humidity for monitoring purposes. Premiere does not. (All models maintain elevated humidity in the same way.)
  6. PURE, Revelation and Compact feature an internal fan to improve consistency of temperature throughout the unit and discourage mould. Premiere does not.
  7. PURE and Revelation feature an illuminated enlarged back lit display, with icons and touch controls. The premiere display is a simple white on black LED.
  8. PURE and Revelation feature a filter replacement countdown and reminder. Premiere does not.
  9. The PURE and Revelation ranges can be set at a single temperature between 6-19°C. The Premiere range can only be set for storage and maturation at a single temperature between 9-15°C


Different Control Panels

Classic up to 2009 - *83/*59
Control panel *83/*59

Pure/Revelation/Compact 2010 onwards/PURE 2012 onwards
Control panel *92

Premiere - *166/266/101
Control Panel V266