Reset Filter Icon (models after 2006)

Location of the filter in the cabinet

When changing the charcoal filter you need to reset the filter icon.

Pre 2010 *83/*59 model control panels

Control Panel

To reset the filter replacement icon Filter replacement icon press and hold the (-) button until ECL is displayed, (for multi-temperature models, use the right hand set of buttons). Then, briefly press 'SET' once displaying characters containing either 'bL n' or 'LU'. Briefly press 'SET' again. Then briefly press, the On/Off Power button (below 'SET'). The screen will return to the temperature display after a few seconds.


from 2010 model control panels

Control Panel

Once the charcoal filter has been changed, press and hold down the Filter Icon key. The filter icon will be flashing and the count down appears. Press the (+) key to reset the count down. Confirm by pressing the Filter Icon key.


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