Adjustment of Slipping/Sticking Sliding Shelves

The problem with sliding shelves slipping off the runners, or sticking, is due to the shelf itself being very slightly too narrow. It is nothing to do with the runners attached to the walls themselves. With a lot of use over time (or an unusual initial manufacturing error) the shelf itself is slightly too narrow. You will need a philips head screwdriver and ideally a 7mm nut spinner or a pair of pliers, to grip the nut underneath.

  1. Remove the offending shelf from the cabinet (remove the bottles, pull the shelf out to its fullest extent, lift the front of the shelf to 30º from horizontal, lift the shelf clear).
  2. Observe that the platform of the shelf is attached to its runners by 2
    (Comfort/Classic range) or 3 (Compact range) small bolts on each side.
  3. Loosen the nuts (do not fully undo because they will be difficult to replace)
  4. Spread the runner as far from the flat platform as the small adjustment area permits; expect no more than 2 mm movement.
  5. Ideally using a spacer, tighten the bolts taking care to prevent the act of tightening the bolt drawing the runner closer towards the shelf platform.

Replace shelf on the cabinet supports by slotting the wheels on shelf runner on to the wheels on the support and then sliding the shelf along the support.