Will my Wine be OK, if a Unit is Switched Off?

Please do not worry about your wine. The purpose of a single temperature wine cabinet is to protect and mature your wine over many months and years.

Unless the wine cabinet is in an environment over 30ºC, or kept in a freezing building during winter; no harm can come to the wine over a period of weeks.

Fine wine is shipped around the world in all sorts of conditions and even in the wine section of luxury department stores, bottles of wine worth in excess of a few hundred pounds per bottle are sitting out in a shop environment. If warm rooms and varying temperatures were an issue over the short term, no one would buy wine from a shop.

Wine is far more robust that people assume. It is only the extremes of temperature, or significant fluctuations over many months that may cause an issue.

Your wine is quite safe in a Eurocave even when it is switched off. It is naturally a cool constant box.

Further reading Temperature and wine storage: an introduction by Jamie Goode