Function: How will the cabinet be used?

Our storage cabinets create the perfect cellar environment for laying down your wine for long term storage, these begin with the letter V. Multi-temperature cabinets in addition to maturing space have chilling or chilling and maturing spaces, these begin with the letter D (2 temperature) and E (3 temperature). The serving cabinets keep wines at drinking temperatures, this is intended for high turn over, short term storage.

Storage Cabinets

  • Single temperature
  • For storing and maturing wine
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Serving Cabinets

  • Multi-temperatures
  • For serving wine at an ideal temperature
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Multi-temperature Cabinets

  • 2 or 3 temperatures
  • For maturing, cooling, and bringing wine to the room temperature
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Open Bottle Preservation

  • Preserve open bottles
  • Brings wine to the ideal serving temperature
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For The Kitchen

  • Built-in or flush-fitted
  • For storing and serving wine in the kitchen
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