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Wine cabinet, 1 temperature, full glass (frameless) door/Technical glass door to attach your own panel/Technical unglazed door to attach your own panel, built-in and flush-fitted.

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With its range of temperatures between 5°C and 20°C, this wine cabinet is perfect for ageing your wines. You can also convert it to a wine serving cabinet dedicated only to your white or red wines. This model forms part of Eurocave's inspiration range: available in built-in or integrated versions, these wine cabinets have been especially designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen.

  • Function: Ageing/Maturing
  • 1 temperature
  • Sizes: Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small
  • Door types: Full glass, Stainless steel glazed, Integrated/technical glazed or unglazed

You can fit it with sliding shelves fitted with Main du sommeliers, storage shelves and even add a sliding serving shelf allowing you to store opened bottles upright. You can store up to a maximum of 17 bottles with 2 sliding shelves

Internal configuration for your wine cabinet:

  • The Premium pack all sliding shelves
  • The Storage pack equal number of storage shelves and sliding shelves
  • The Service pack sliding shelves with 1 half-shelf and 1 service sliding shelf

The plus points of the Inspiration range: Restraint and Elegance
Combining stylishness with ease of use, the Inspiration range will fit perfectly into your kitchen.

  • Mood lighting (patented system)
  • Screen with backlit tactile keys
  • Handle built in to the door
  • Invisible air vent

What's the difference between built-in and flush fitted?
In a built-in installation, the wine cabinet is placed between two kitchen units under a worktop.
In a flush-fitted installation, the wine cabinet is simply inserted into the carcase of the kitchen unit.

The height of the wine cabinets in the Inspiration range may be adjusted in height by up to 70 mm (4 adjustable feet).

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