Our Royale range

Royale – The best wine cabinet in the world.

Why Royale?

"Quite simply because it represents the best we can offer our customers in terms of performance, durability and aesthetics."

Over the past 40 years we have devoted ourselves to researching and developing durable products that ensure optimal wine maturing for our customers.

Which is why one day, we set ourselves the ambition of designing THE best wine cabinet in the world.
Today, we are proud to say that we have succeeded in channelling all of our expertise and know-how into creating a product that offers optimal wine maturing, by designing an exceptional wine cabinet, Royale.


A cabinet dedicated exclusively to maturing wine

Just like a wise man guiding his disciples, Royale, whose intrinsic functions are close to perfect, transmits to its precious bottles all of the knowledge, expertise and skill that EuroCave has developed over the past 40 years.
In this way, your fine wines will be able to reach their long-awaited prime.

Wine maturing is the time it takes for wine to improve, fully develop its qualities and reach the stage in which it fully expresses itself, i.e. reaches its prime!

Single temperature cabinet: 12°C (ideal maturing temperature). No setting possible.
Capacity: up to 122 traditional Bordeaux bottles or up to 50 magnums

Royale range – 1-temperature wine cabinet for an optimal maturing of wines.

A 10 year guarantee!

Buying a wine cabinet is also the desire to one day pass on a heritage and passion for wine to the next generation.
Royale, a very high quality and technically-advanced cabinet, is in this way built to last.
As a brand that is keen to offer durable products and peace of mind for its customers, EuroCave offers a ten year guarantee.

An unparalleled design

Like a jeweller carefully working on a unique, precious jewel, EuroCave's hands have paid meticulous attention to every detail of Royale.


Its innovative, unusual outline...

is accentuated by a double frame which gives it a lot of charisma and an imposing stature.


Its door...

is fully glazed with a built-in lock.


Its control panel...

with clean lines, is made from aesthetic materials combining both glossy and matt black.

self-monitors humidity

Its patented system...

"Hygrocontrol System" self-monitors humidity.


Its shelves...

are specially designed to hold any type of bottle, including magnums.


Its decorative panels...

11 Claddings from the original Red earth or Mineral grey directly echoing the mineral colours and textures of the chalky, sandy soil in which the vines grow, to a host of designs based on minerals or wood from white marble to matt black. Choose one of our claddings or go for a tailor-made customisation.


Authentic and unique...

Every Royale model is numbered.


Its back...

is also attractive, in this way allowing it to be placed anywhere, even in the centre of the room.

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