The contemporary storage system that can be personalised in several different ways.

Modular and adaptable.
The steel modules are easy to attach to each other.

Display at an angle or store flat.
Owing to the flexibility of the support bars, you can position bottles in traditional storage mode and/or display mode.
Storage: capacity to store 85 - 136 bottles vertically on 17 rows.
Display: capacity to store 40 - 64 inclined bottles vertically on 8 rows.
Wine cases: The possibility of incorporating up to 7 sliding shelves for storing your bottles in their original wine cases.

Modules are now available in 2 widths: 520 and 720 mm. The narrower module allows you to make use of small spaces and optimise bottle storage.

Main du Sommelier bottle rest supports.
They are made up of a rigid structure, which holds the bottle, and a flexible material to protect it..

A column can be adjusted to half its height.
The structure of Modulosteel has been specially designed to be able to be adjusted to half its height. Ideal for vaulted cellars or low ceilings.

In addition, its sliding shelves have been specially designed to store your wine cases.

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[image] Modulosteel [image] Modulosteel [image] Modulosteel [image] Modulosteel [image] Modulosteel [image] Modulosteel

Technical features

Dimensions of one storage unit H2000 x W720 x D505 mm
Dimensions of one storage half unit H1160 x W720 x D505 mm
Centre spacing width 600 mm
Body external dimensions H664 x W595 x D584 mm
Top cover external dimensions H25 x W658 x D412 mm
Weight of one metal post 12.5 kg
Weight of one central bottle storage section 13.5 kg
Weight of body + shelves 46.5 kg
Weight of top cover 4.5 kg