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Zalto Glassware

Why Zalto?

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The best selling brand of glass at EuroCave UK. The finest mouth blown glass from Austria delivering exceptional flavour.

This boutique company is producing unique products in non-lead toughened glass. Used in the finest restaurants worldwide and in the homes of many wine enthusiasts, these products offer incredible value for money considering the methods used to produce them, the unparalleled feeling in the hand and the way that they transmit the quality of wine. Wine journalists and professionals hold them in the highest regard, once used, nothing else compares.

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  1. Zalto Mystique Magnum Decanter

    Zalto Mystique Magnum Decanter
  2. Zalto Axium Single Bottle Decanter

    Zalto Axium Single Bottle Decanter
  3. Zalto Carafe No.150

    Zalto Carafe No.150
  4. Zalto Carafe No.75

    Zalto Carafe No.75
  5. Zalto Carafe No.25

    Zalto Carafe No.25
  6. Zalto Gravitas Omega

    Zalto Gravitas Omega

    Out of Stock.

  7. Zalto Denk.Art - Bordeaux

    Zalto Denk.Art - Bordeaux

    Starting at: £41.00

  8. Zalto Denk.Art - Burgundy

    Zalto Denk.Art - Burgundy

    Starting at: £41.00

  9. Zalto Denk.Art - Universal

    Zalto Denk.Art - Universal

    Starting at: £40.00

  10. Zalto Denk.Art - White Wine

    Zalto Denk.Art - White Wine

    Starting at: £39.00

  11. Zalto Denk.Art - Beer

    Zalto Denk.Art - Beer
  12. Zalto Denk.Art - Champagne

    Zalto Denk.Art - Champagne

    Starting at: £39.00

  13. Zalto Denk.Art - Sweet Wine

    Zalto Denk.Art - Sweet Wine

    Starting at: £37.50

  14. Zalto Denk.Art - Water

    Zalto Denk.Art - Water

    Starting at: £35.00

  15. Zalto Denk.Art - Digestif

    Zalto Denk.Art - Digestif

15 Item(s)

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