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Cigar humidor


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Humidor for storing cigars

Just like drinking a good bottle, smoking your cigar is a special moment.

The cigar lover needs a product essential for developing his passion: a cigar humidor.

Temperature and humidity level; of a quality electric humidor recreates an environment conducive to the good conservation of cigars.

The cigar humidor recreates ideal storage conditions. 

Designed for connoisseurs, the cigar humidor recreates ideal storage conditions thanks to a controlled temperature of 18 - 20°C and humidity level of 65 - 72%.

A halo of light for an intimate ambiance. 

Your cigars are surrounded by a halo of light which runs round the entire humidor. It emphasizes the contours of the humidor whilst showcasing your cigars. The light strip has different options: on permanently, on when the door is opened or permanently off.

Cigar humidor cabinet with integrated amber light: lighting from above and light strip all around the humidor.
Sliding shelf and removable cigar serving tray. A beautiful presentation of cigars to share with your guests.

The cigar tray. 

Manufactured in wood*, the tray, fitted to a sliding shelf, offers optimal conditions for individual cigar storage. The tray’s compartments are completely modular and can be adjusted according to the size of your cigars. The wooden tray can easily be detached from the shelf, allowing you to present your cigars to your guests.


*rot-proof wood

The storage drawer and half-shelf. 

The sliding drawer can hold a large number of cigar boxes, regardless of their shape. The glass front displays the boxes and allows you to find them quickly.

The wooden half-shelf optimises storage of your boxes.

Large storage capacity sliding drawer shelf to store your cigar boxes with a glass front to admire your collection.
Sliding shelf for displaying individual cigars with removable tray


Individual cigar storage
Detachable display tray

Sliding storage shelf for cigar boxes.


Cigar box storage
Large capacity

Half shelf to optimize storage capacity


Cigar box storage
Optimises storage capacity

Sliding shelf and removable cigar serving tray. A beautiful presentation of cigars to share with your guests.

Glass doors that allow you to keep an eye on your cigar collection. 

You have the choice of glass door with black aluminium frame or full glass door (with no aluminium frame).

Safety of your cigars is prioritised. 

The contents of your cigar humidor are secure thanks to a dual-action lock. Alarms protect your cigars in the event of the door being left open, a sensor fault, temperature fault or abnormally low or high humidity levels. Is it time to replace your charcoal filter? A visual alarm found on your humidor’s control panel will alert you.

A control panel.

Control your cigar humidor thanks to the tactile control panel with LCD screen. For your peace of mind, we display the actual humidity and temperature inside your humidor and not the setting.

A humidity cassette with clay balls.

The cigar humidor is supplied with two clay ball cassettes to adjust the humidity level according to the environment.

A charcoal filter to preserve air quality.

Active charcoal is a porous material which absorbs odours, gas and impurities in the surrounding air. To maintain a clean, odourless environment inside the cigar humidor, it can be replaced once a year.

controlled temperaturecontrolled humidityUV-screened doorsensor fault alarmtemperature fault alarmopen door alarmcharcoal filter alarmhumidity level alarm37dB noise emissionwintering functionlock5-year warrranty


Essential specifications


Cigar Humidor

Amount of temperatures


Type of product

Cigar humidor

Cabinet colour



Cigar storage.


H 960 x W 680 x D 715 mm (With the rear stop, without the handle)

Weight of cabinet when empty (no shelves)

60 Kg


5 years parts, labour and travel

Spare part availability

11 years from the date the product was manufactured (information given on the nameplate).

Reversible door


Glazing thermal insulation

Double-glazed glass door reinforced with argon gas - screens out up to 97% of U.V. rays

Interior lighting

Amber mood lighting which illuminates the entire cabinet (2 LEDs fitted under the control panel and amber light strip)

Flush fitting



No. This appliance is not intended to be used as a built-in appliance.

Adjustment of feet

Yes - 2 adjustable feet at the front

Shelf front

Beech wood finish

Glazing thermal insulation

Double-glazed glass door reinforced with argon gas - screens out up to 97% of U.V. rays

Type of handle

Grip built into the door frame

Type of door selected

Glass door with black frame

Reversible door


Technology and safety

Type of control


Temperature setting range

From 15°C to 20°C (single temperature throughout the cabinet)

Recommended outside temperature range

From 15°C to 30°C

Display and settings

LCD screen with touch control

Humidity display

Yes, permanent display of the humidity level inside the humidor

Humidity control

Yes, setting possible from 60% - 75% in increments of 1%

Clay ball cassette(s) supplied

Yes (two clay balls cassettes)

Charcoal filter




Type of alarm(s)

Visual alarms: Open door, temperature sensor fault, temperature fault, charcoal filter replacement, humidity level



Automatic defrosting


Cold air production technology

Fanned cold air - compressor

Heat activation technology

Automatic - cut off: adjustable

Heat production technology




Inside walls

Stucco aluminium sheet

Type of insulation

Polyurethane foam (PU)

Outside covering

HPL (high pressure laminated) panels

Layout composition

Type of layout

1 presentation tray on sliding rack, 2 sliding storage drawer and 1 fixed half shelf

This model's maximum capacity

700 – 1,000 cigars according to the dimensions of the cigars and boxes


Useful volume

205 Litres

Noise emission (dB(A))


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