Effectively display your bottles in their original cases

Storage system for 12-bottle wine cases


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Wine wooden case storage.

Modulorack is a unique system, designed to display your wine's original cases and protect your bottles. Based on the sliding shelf system used in EuroCave wine cabinets, Modulorack is fitted with a system of sliding racks, simplifying access to bottles.

Easy access to your bottles.

Based on sliding tray, Modulorack is designed to hold two 12-bottle cases, i.e. twenty-four bottles in total. 

Un rangement modulable et un montage facile.

Modulorack allows you to create an effective wine storage area.

Modulorack units are very easy to assemble thanks to the modules which attach to each other over the length and height. Several Moduloracks can be assembled to increase storage capacity. 

*The moduloracks must be fastened to the floor, and the wall from the second level. We recommend a maximum of 3 moduloracks stacked on top of each other.

Wine wall created with sliding wine racks for easy access to your wine cases.

Château Teyssier St Émilion - Photo Denis Lacharme - Design by Touton Architectes

Evolutiv layout.

According to the amount selected, you can store up to 288 bottles. 

Create a storage wall that suits your requirements and add to it over time.  


Essential specifications



Type of product

Storage system


H 500 x W 400 x D 500 mm


7,7 Kg


Storage type

Sliding rack for individual case

Storage levels

2 levels

Maximum capacity

One 12-bottle wine case per level

Can be assembled

Up to 4 modules in height


To the floor, then to the wall from the 2nd level

Structure's materials

Steel and wood

Top cover dimensions

H 200* x W 350 x D 500 mm (*space recommended for wine case)

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