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  • Can be built-in
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If you want to serve wine in your interior

Medium-sized serving cabinet, 2-temperatures - Inspiration


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Inspiration Collection

Built-in wine cabinet to suit your home.

Inspiration is compact, it brings together discretion and elegance, so it is perfect for fitting inside a custom-made unit. Divided into 2 separate compartments, the Inspiration wine cabinet will bring to the correct temperature your red wine and white wine or champagne.


2-temperature for serving wine.

Each type of wine must be served at a specific temperature to reveal all its flavours.  

Divided into 2 separate compartments, the Inspiration wine cabinet will bring to the correct temperature your red wine between 13 and 18°C and your white wine and champagne between 6 and 11°C.

The cabinet's vacuum sealing system allows you to store an open bottle for up to 10 days, depending on the type of wine and its vintage.*

*Expect sparkling wine

Make way for understated elegance.  

The bottles are subtly displayed by amber lighting and the labels of your best bottles are beautifully accentuated.


A shelf created for you.

Inspiration's sliding shelf offer the very best. The structure of the shelf conceals all of its technical features beneath its aesthetic curves. A soft-close device provides quiet, smooth handling for your wine.  

You can store, display or stand your full or open bottles upright according to your requirements because Inspiration allows the freedom to choose from three types of shelf!    

Take pleasure in writing the names of your wines on the detachable shelf labels in epoxy-coated steel.



6 bottles



22 bottles



16 bottles

Exclusive to EuroCave: the Main du Sommelier support.

The "Main du Sommelier" (Sommelier's hand) bottle support is a structure in two materials fastened to the shelf and detachable.  

It protects your bottles from vibration and holds them securely on the shelf, according to their shape and size.    

Its design came about from working with sommeliers, so it seemed only natural to name it after them.


Designed to enhance interiors.

Technical elements are concealed, air vents are invisible, handles are built into the door, the handle grip is subtle.

Amber transparency with the glass or full glass doors. Or minimalist design with a door which matches the elements of the unit it is built into.




Porte 100% vitrée
Full Glass






Porte vitrée
cadre inox






Porte vitrée technique
panneau décor à adapter





Porte pleine technique
panneau décor à adapter


Tactile screen with backlit keys.

The screen displays the actual temperature inside your cabinet and not the setting.

The display standby makes the control panel subtle and discreet.


The safety of your wine comes first.

Access to the contents of your wine cabinet is secured via a dual action lock. The audible and visual alarms protect your wine in the event the door is left open, sensor fault, temperature fault or if the humidity limit is reached (for maturing models). The visual alarm informs you when it is time to replace your filter.

controlled temperatureUV-screened doorsensor fault alarmtemperature alarmopen door alarmcharcoal filter alarm38dB noise emissionvacuum sealingwintering functionlockflush-fittingbuilt-in5-year warranty  individual botlle support



Essential specifications



Amount of temperatures


Type of product

Wine cabinets

Cabinet colour



Brings wine to serving temperature and stores open bottles


H 1320-1390 x W 557-594* x D 597 mm (*With decorative filler strips)


5 years parts, labour and travel

Spare part availability

11 years from the date the product was manufactured (information given on the nameplate).

Interior lighting

Mood lighting which illuminates the entire cabinet (amber light strip) and bottles illuminated by 2 LEDs under the control panel and under the separation shelf

Flush fitting

Yes - flush-fitting instructions must be observed


Yes - installation instructions must be observed*

Adjustment of feet

Yes - 4 adjustable feet

Type of handle

Grip built into the door frame

Type of door selected

Glass door with stainless steel frame

Glazing thermal insulation

Double-glazed glass door reinforced with argon gas - screens out up to 97% of U.V. rays

Weight of cabinet when empty (no shelves)

78 Kg

Reversible door


Technology and safety

Type of control


Temperature setting range

6°C - 11°C for the top compartment (cooling) and 13°C - 18°C for the bottom compartment (bringing to room temperature)

Recommended outside temperature range

12°C - 35°C

Display and settings

Tactile control panel - backlit keys

Open bottle preservation technology

Air vacuum system

Humidity display


Charcoal filter

Yes (x2)



Type of alarm(s)

Visual alarm: charcoal filter replacement, vacuum-sealing function fault / Audible and visual alarms: temperature fault, sensor fault, open door



Automatic defrosting


Cold air production technology

Fanned cold air - compressor

Heat activation technology

Automatic - cut off: adjustable

Heat production technology




Inside walls

Stucco aluminium sheet

Type of insulation

Polyurethane foam (PU)

Outside covering

HDF (high density fibre) melamine-coated panels

Recommended outside temperature range

12°C - 35°C

Layout composition

This model's maximum capacity

51 bottles

Recommended interior equipment for maximum capacity

4 sliding shelves +2 half shelves + 1 serving shelf

Sliding shelf description

Sliding shelves fitted with Main du Sommelier bottle supports allowing a bottle to be displayed at the front

Bottle identification system

6 labels in black epoxy-based paint supplied with each sliding shelf and a white marker pen

Capacity of pack selected

51 bottles

Type of pack selected

4 sliding shelves and 1 serving shelf with 2 half shelves on top

Shelf materials pack selected

Sliding shelf in steel and front in oak wood / Serving drawer in steel and front in oak wood

Pack selected

Serving pack

Shelf front pack selected

Light oak wood finish


Climate class


Useful volume

167 Litres

Acoustic class


Noise emission (dB(A))


Annual energy consumption Aec (kwh/yr)


Energy efficiency class


From design to delivery, we take care of your product from start to finish.



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