How to pick the right wine glass?

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The shape of the wine glass

The shape of a wine glass is very important as it will concentrate the flavour and bouquet of the wine. The tongue has five main taste sensations but we can distinguish between many thousands of taste differences. It is recognized that our sense of smell is also a key factor in what we taste with the shape of a wine glass playing an important role in this. The shape of the bowl directs the wine smoothly onto the tongue and traps the blanket of aromas that sit on the top of the wine in the glass. This directs them to the nose and allows for a more rounded tasting experience.

The structure of the wine glass

The basic shape of a wine glass

Wine glasses are composed with three parts: The bowl, the stem, and the foot.

The bowl: The shape is narrow at the top going wider at the bottom. The quality and intensity of the aromas are determined not only by the character of the wine but the environment in which it is contained.

The stem: Some would say it give us the chance to drink with style however the stem’s true function is to allow the glass to be held without placing the hand on the bowl. This will interfere with the wine’s temperature and in turn influence the Organoleptic* properties of the wine. This is demonstrated when drinking the same wine in different glasses. When you do this, you will notice that the wine does not have the same test and the drinking experience can be very different.

The foot of the glass has the basic purpose of keeping the glass upright. The diameter of the foot has its important since it should be proportionate to the size of the bowl

Select the right glass for the right wine! An art

Red wine, white wine which wine glass is the most suitable?

Red wines are typically characterized by their complex flavors that smooth out after being exposed to oxygen. The bowl of the red wine glass tends to be larger than that of a white wine glass. The shape of a Bordeaux glass for example will direct the wine to the back of the mouth, whereas a Burgundy glass is shaped to direct the wine to the tip of the tongue.

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We suggest you start your collection by choosing one glass shape for your favourite red wine and one glass shape for your favourite white wine. Test the difference and then you can expand your collection across the wine style you most often drink.