Tete a Tete Wine by the glass service

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Tete a Tete Wine by the glass service

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Wine by the glass – Ensuring wine is both at the correct temperature and storing open bottles - 12 bottles – Tête à Tête

Wine serving solution: the very best option for both serving fine wines and storing open bottles by vacuum seal exclusive to EuroCave, full glass door

Allowing 12 bottles including champagne to be stored at perfect serving temperature, Tête à Tête combines the very best in design & performance.

Fitted with 2 flexible air vacuum heads, this innovative wine by the glass serving solution also allows you to store 2 open bottles for up to 10 days*, by protecting them from oxidization.
Temperature setting is easy thanks to a touch screen on the front with backlit keys.

*Depending on the type of wine and its vintage

Technology and Expertise

Tête à Tête benefits from all of EuroCaves™ expertise:

  • A simple to use programming panel.
  • 10 Main du Sommelier bottle supports + 2 open bottle rests.
  • 2 oxygen extraction heads with constant vacuum monitoring.
  • A quiet compressor driven wine cabinet.
  • Humidity maintenance.
  • Available only in black with a right-hand UV screened glass door.
  • It is not recommended to place this unit under the counter due to drainage and ventilation requirements.
  • Fixed glass top (not removable).

Ideal wine serving

The serving temperature of wine is a key element for drinking and enjoying it in the best conditions.  On the nose, wine which is too cold does not reveal its aromas, whilst in wine which is too warm, the alcohol is too pronounced.  In the mouth, wine served at an incorrect temperature will not reveal all of its flavours.  The Tête à Tête wine by the glass serving solution allows you to preserve 12 bottles at an ideal serving temperature.  It includes an innovative system which stores open bottles, by vacuum seal exclusive to EuroCave.

In flush-fitting or free-standing version, create your tasting space

Tête à Tête is at home in the most elegant of interiors thanks to its compact size and clean lines. Installed into a custom-made unit in the living room, placed at the end of a sofa, against a wall or next to a bookcase, it combines advanced technology and an attractive design.

Brand/Manufacturer EuroCave
Dimensions 850H x 300W x 462D mm
Cabinet Height 850 mm
Approx Bottle Capacity 10 + 2
Cabinet Footprint W300 x D462 mm
Cabinet Usage Open Bottle Preservation
Cabinet Range Petite