Zalto Denk.Art - Digestif

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Zalto Denk.Art - Digestif

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For fine elegant, fortifieds, distillates or liquors. A supremely sophisticated take on a traditional copita shape, this featherweight glass delivers all dry sherries second to none as well as younger port. A classy way to sip vodka, limoncello, tequila et al. Enhances the inherent complexity, creating an experience that is more flavourful, fruity and harmonic. Especially for: Port, Grappa, Vodka, Bitters, Eau de Vie
Brand/Manufacturer Zalto Glasmanufaktur
Type Dessert/Fortified
Quantity of glasses 1
Crystal Non lead
Volume 140 ml
Product Range Denk.Art
Glass Height 210 mm
Product Code 11 701
Manufacture Method Mouth blown