The ideal long term storage temperature for all wine is 12ºC - 13ºC.

Choose a cabinet for how you keep and enjoy your wine, from long term storage to service ready

V# - Vieillithèque - 1 temperature for wine storage

Irrespective of the outside temperature, they guarantee a constant temperature of between 10ºC and 14ºC. Humidity is maintained above 50%.

All wine (red or white) should be stored and matured between these temperatures.

E# - Eurothèque - 3 temperature zones to store, chill and bring wines to room temperature

A large storage area in the centre of the unit (between 10ºC and 14ºC) and two small compartments at specific serving temperatures. At the top for red wines at a serving temperature (between 16ºC and 20ºC, adjustable), and at the bottom for chilled white wines (approx. 8ºC not adjustable). No active humidity controls (though humidity is maintained above 50%), as this unit is designed for protecting mature wine ready to be drunk and serving it correctly. The storage area is not quite as uniform as the single temperature model due to the warm and cold influences of the serving areas.

A 3-temperature cabinet must be kept where the temperature does not drop below 15ºC. Not suitable for outside spaces or most garages. E models do not have active humidity controls as this unit is designed for ready to drink wine and short-term storage.

D# Dual-Zone – 2 temperature zones

Two equally sized compartments with independent temperature setting between both

S# - Service - Graduated temperature for service

Cooler at the bottom and warmer at the top, always have red and white wine at drinking temperature, ideal for service.